The cutest Family award goes to….The Wicars!  We had so much fun meeting up at the South Mesa Trail head for their family photographs.  Their family has grown so much since their last session.  Not only was the backdrop stunning, but so were these boys!  So handsome and kind to one another.

Ya’ll sessions can be a wild ride, there are smiles, melt downs, tears, laughter and lots of fun.  No session is perfect, but I do my best to capture your family despite the craziness.  At the end of the day when you see the images, most of my clients forget about the one child that didn’t smile right (that would be my middle daughter who always has her tongue out for pictures).  After years have gone by, you treasure that no matter how hard it was to get your children to keep their clothes clean for the family session that YOU made time to capture what is most important, your one crazy unforgettable life that includes all the messes, tears, laughter and best of all your family!  SO  Mama’s I applaud you, especially you Kate.  You’re an amazing Mama and I hope this 37th year of life is your best one yet! You’re beautiful in every way.  Happy Birthday!! Thanks so much for hiring me to document your AMAZING family.  It is always an honor and a blessing!

Thank you for donating to the Meadowlark Maverick Fun Run too! 15% of  the proceeds from your session went right back into the local school.

Hello Y’all! This is my busiest time of year for photography, but I wanted to take a moment and give you a sneak peak of Mark and Lisa’s beautiful Breckenridge wedding I shot last weekend.  Although I don’t advertise that I’m a wedding photographer I still shoot 5-6 weddings a year, and have been photographing them for 20 years.  I absolutely love everything about them!

Lisa could not have been more radiant of a bride!  Mark is one lucky man.  It was looking like rain all day, but then as soon as Lisa stepped out of the church for her first look, the clouds broke open and the sun shined down!!  God totally answered their prayers, as the rain held off till the very end of the ceremony.  I’m so thankful that they chose a first look, as it proceeded to pour for an hour afterwards.

Mark and Lisa I am beyond thrilled to have documented your beautiful day!  Thanks for choosing me to share in your celebration.


I love when my clients choose their location, and it happens to pair perfectly with the reminder to vote today for your candidate. There is a lot of discussion on who you should choose, but I’ll leave the political banter for FB. Instead I’ll debut the beautiful Macchia family that I’m fortunate enough to photograph each year.

Courtney has the most photogenic smile of anyone Mom I’ve ever photographed, and their kids are equally as beautiful. I’ve always thought that over the years that they could easily be my good friends, so it was no surprise that over their ordering session today we realized we both have mutual friends. Small world!

Also, if you are in the Boulder/Denver are and in need of an environment friendly cleaning service for your home or office, check out Greg’s business Clean Conscience. I always like to promote small business, since I’m a small business owner too.

Enjoy their session from a few weeks ago, and always Greg and Courtney thanks for hiring me to document your gorgeous family.  Have a great trip to Hawaii, and do some snorkeling for me!























“What should I wear for my fall photographs?” is often a question I get from my clients this time of year. Jenny hit it out of the park with her fall session at Waneka Lake Park. She effortlessly pulled off this olive green, cream color and dark jean look that paired perfectly with their eyes. Isn’t she gorgeous? Her family looked AMAZING too!

She did a great job of sticking to just a few solid colors that complemented one another nicely. I always encourage my clients to wear solid colors, but not be too matchy-matchy. You want to avoid shirts with writing on them, as they tend to detract from the portrait. Ryan, the Dad’s vest was a fabulous touch too. I love layers in photographs, as they add an extra rich dimension.

Shoes are equally important. So many times I’ll have my clients dressed to the nines, and then they have their kids in brightly colored tennis shoes, which your eye is drawn too in photographs. If the color goes with your scheme I don’t mind, but please consider how they will look in photographs. Jenny choose brown boots for everyone, which looked awesome! Plus, it will give you a new reason to go shopping for those booties you’ve been wanting.

I loved that Jenny wanted to include her parents in the session too! They are all very close, and when they are not traveling to the some far off exotic island (I’m jealous) they love to spend time with their grandkids.

If you have questions on what to wear, please text me a photograph of what your thinking. I would love to help you out! If all else fails, I’ll send you to Jenny. This girl has a gift for style!

Thanks Loveland family for hiring me to document your growing family! I can’t believe how much they have changed since I photographed you last.

Please contact me if you have family flying in for the Holidays, and would like to book a family session!

What to wear for you fall family photographs

What to wear for you fall family photographs




















On Chloe’s first day of KG two years ago, Richard drove up in his classic restored 1965 orange VW bus to drop off his son at school. I about fell out of my car, because it was so beautiful!! Of course, my favorite color is orange too. We finally got to meet up in Erie, CO to photograph this beauty, and can I just say, Richard is a lucky man. Isn’t Becca gorgeous?

Richard allowed me to use his VW for my camping themed portrait session two years ago, and I finally had the chance to repay his kindness with a fun session for his family!

Thanks Richard for allowing me to capture your family!
















Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well! We’re back into the swing of things here at Shannon Kaple Photographer with the start of school after an epic summer of camping, trips to visit family, dinner parties on our back patio, and of course lots of swimming!

It is that time of year again to capture your family in the beautiful Colorado fall foliage!

We’ll spend 20 minutes together capturing the uniqueness of your family in a gorgeous outdoor Colorado setting. You’ll receive 10-15 edited images via dropbox perfect for Holiday cards, and presents for the grandparents with in two-three weeks of your session. The cost is only $249.00.

There are only 5 slots available per session, on a first come first serve basis. Sessions fill up quickly. Refer 3 families, and get a 16×20 canvas print from your session FREE!

Sign up below:
Feel free to contact me with any questions! I’m looking forward to capturing your beautiful family.



Sometimes the best images are the ones I don’t plan.  I asked my oldest to give her little brother a kiss, and Audrey the loving sweet and thoughtful girl that she is gave her bigger sister a kiss too!!  I absolutely love this image, and not just because my kids are in it either, although that is a bonus for sure.  I’m thinking this will definitely make it’s way onto a canvas and adoring the walls of our home…maybe my office!  This is how I want to remember my kids forever.

The girls outfits are from my favorite new sites to buy home made and gently used clothing called Kidizen.  Sammy’s outfit is from Gymboree, and his new kicks are Saucony’s, a gift for his 2nd Birthday.  I can’t believe he’s 2!  I just adore this age, and I’ve asked him if he would stay this size forever, of course he said yes, but sadly I know it’s not true.

For the last seven years I’ve always been pregnant at this time, 2 years after giving birth to the previous child, but now the time of swaddling newborns, late night nursing sessions, and the sleep deprived stupor are over.  It’s not with out sadness that this stage has ended, but I’m excited for the new journey ahead, full of adventure, longer road trips, pee wee soccer tournaments, helping out in my daughters classrooms, and the chance to continue growing my passion for people, and capturing their lives through photography.

KapleKids-2 KapleKids-4 KapleKids-5 KapleKids-6 KapleKids-7 KapleKids-8 KapleKids-9 KapleKids-10 KapleKids-11 KapleKids-12 KapleKids-13 KapleKids-14 KapleKids-16 KapleKids-17 KapleKids-18 KapleKids-19  KapleKids-21 KapleKids-22 KapleKids-23 KapleKids-24



We have had such a glorious fall here in Colorado!  It is probably, hands down, the best one I’ve had here since my hubby, Wade and I moved here seven years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.  I knew it wouldn’t last, but now I’m wishing I would have taken the kids for one more bike ride around the block, jump in the leaves, or hike in the mountains.

This week marked the beginning of winter, but honestly I can’t be sad, because as much as I enjoy fall, I absolutely love skiing in the Colorado Rockies!! What is your favorite winter activity?

With the temps in the single digits here, let this post of the Vandrey family warm your hearts!  They moved to Louisville, CO from Los Angeles, California for Christine to be closer to her brother (owner of one of my favorite places for margs, La Rev), and to have a better life for their kids.  They’ve experienced some culture shock, but in a good way, as nothing can beat the charm of downtown Louisville.  Their kids are equally as charming, full of life, smiles, and energy.  I had so much fun photographing them, and am looking forward to hanging out more!  Now onto their session.


Do you know people that everyday challenge you to be the better version of yourself? With out a doubt Luke and Megan are these people.  I’ve known them for a few years now, and their pursuit of living life to the fullest, all the while loving others has only brought me closer to a God that shines through everything they do.

I always get excited when a client recommends a place to be photographed that I’ve never explored before.  Here in a homestead near Boulder county, we found our self in the setting of an English garden.  It was the perfect backdrop for Noah’s back to school themed session, complete with a custom tiffany blue painted vintage desk that they had restored. Can you say awesome!?!

Also, if you’re a non-profit looking for an event coordinator, Megan is your women! She will rock your socks off with her event planning.  Just drop me a line for her info.

It’s obvious to me in these images just how much they love their boys, Colorado, and each other, but don’t take my word check them out for yourself!

Megan and Luke, thanks so much for hiring me to photograph your beautiful family!  It’s always a pleasure.  I love looking back to how much they have changed over the last year.

vintage, back to school themed photo shoot, boulder family photographer, colorado children's photographer

Summer themed back to school photo family photo shoot.

It’s that time of year again for our Fall Mini-Portrait Special!  If you love fall, as much as I do then you are going to want to jump on this deal.

It’s amazing what I can get done in 20-30 minutes.  We have a limited number of spots open for your family, up to 5 members at locations in Boulder, Lafayette and Erie.

This is great for your Holiday card, fine art prints for your wall, gift prints for Christmas, or get a custom design album of your session!

View more below, or email me for more info, or to book your session today!  Look forward to capturing your family this season!

Bundles of Love,