i could start by telling you that i have had a camera in my hand since
i was 5 or that i could not imagine doing anything else other than
photography. but what i think is most important when hiring a
photographer is not only falling in love with their photographs, but
also the way that they view life.

i have had many experiences that have taught me how precious every single day is.
how we have great times and not so great times in our lives and truly celebrating
the best times is so important. my home is filled with photographs.
pictures of my two beautiful daughters, holidays and my own wedding, so on
those not so great days i can look at them and remember.

that is my goal when i am shooting. i want you to be able to look at
your photographs and remember when your baby first found her toes,
your mother before she passed away from cancer, the way the sun filtered
through your child’s blond hair, as she played on the swing set your husband made her,
or the tear you wiped away during your dad’s toast at your wedding.

photographs are not just pretty images, but life captured beautifully through
the eye of my lens.  before another moment passes, won’t you call me to document
this life, your life?  it’s worth living, it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth capturing. i can’t
wait to meet you, and document the life you were meant to live.

if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my exclusive behind the scenes video to learn more about me.


Shannon A. Kaple